Stay in Touch.
Be Inspired.
Get Healthy.

A simple, private messaging app to encourage, guide and support health and wellbeing.

For Wellness Professionals: Engaging and supporting your clients just got a lot easier.

For those looking to get healthy: Stay in touch with professionals and peers who support you, quickly and easily, when you need it. And support your friends, too!


"Through the app I've found a support community that helps me stay on track. I like having a bit of good news to tell my friends everyday about my progress." - Sara

Stay in Touch, Get Better Results.

InTouch Fit brings together health professionals, their clients, and peer support groups using science-based research to achieve meaningful health and fitness goals. It’s all accessible through a single dynamic platform.

InTouch Fit encourages brief, simple, and frequent communication. Group broadcasts, personal texts, reminders, group support, and encouragement - all in one place. Pros can schedule brief check-ins with clients via live texting.

Spend less time, get better results.


Private, Supportive, and Inspiring Community.

Be part of a community that supports you and celebrates your success. The power of a safe community with shared goals is that magical space where our I can’ts become I cans.

Impactful communication between practitioners, clients, and peer groups is only a text away.


"The app really encouraged me and gave structure to my motivation. I said to myself, 'I do feel better.' I got excited about exercising." - Maria

Think Positive. Create Meaningful Connections.

Thinking positive and getting support can have a big impact on diet and fitness success.

We all sabotage ourselves with negative thinking. That internal voice that says…

I don’t have time.

It’s just not that important.

Its never worked before, why bother?

Well, this thinking has to change, because you do have time, it is that important, and it will work!

TrackChat is a 28-day challenge that replaces negative thinking with a more helpful alternative. It’s based on principles of brain science – training our brain to think differently. In a TrackChat, you share your positive thinking, commit to healthy actions and support each other with points and stars.

It’s like learning a new song. It takes a little time. But the results will be worth it.


Staying in Touch is Easy.

And it’s important. Mobile messaging is revolutionizing health care by helping people stay engaged with wellness pros – and with their wellness program.

InTouch Fit uses this convenient, powerful mode of communication to promote engagement, participation and positive thinking.

Stay in touch – stay healthy.


"InTouch Fit Is like having a dietitian in your back pocket. I've already recommended it to other RDs." - Brenda, RD

Wellness Professionals, an online office for engaging with clients.

Your time is limited. Your desire for client success is not.

This timesaving app creates a brief and meaningful way to give support. Set Office Hours when clients can contact you. Send them inspiration and reminders. Track client engagement. Be there to help them succeed.

Research has proven that regular contact dramatically increases positive wellness results.

Help clients reframe negative thinking to positive thinking with TrackChat. Based on neuroscience research, it’s a brain-changing game that helps create lasting and positive change.

Learn more about igniting your clients’ results and expanding your practice


Hello to a New You.

For those embarking on a wellness journey, stay in touch with people, professionals, and peers who support you on your path to improved health and wellbeing.

InTouch fit helps those who are on a path to lose weight and get healthy.

Join groups who share similar goals and chat with others who wish to connect, encourage and support one another. Celebrate achievements, share challenges, and find that inner voice that empowers your success.

Invite friends to check in with brief texting exchanges or Track Chats. Staying connected and thinking positive with others is healthy!

See how to start an inspiring Track Chat with others.


"With the InTouch Fit app my clients can share their progress and plans without setting up an appointment. It's an easy and convenient way to help them." - Dana, RD