Darcie Lamond
Darcie LamondFounder, CEO
Darcie Lamond has a 30 year career history that includes both senior executive positions and start-ups. Beginning in the financial markets, she built and ran a derivatives marketing and trading business for a major U.S. bank, worked as a consultant for a large accounting firm where she designed and led the production team for online financial markets training and was the founder of a non-profit microfinance organization. She also worked with a London based network organization supporting over 40 microfinance organizations around the globe. Early startup experience includes a successful chocolate company.
Adam N. Cummings
Adam N. CummingsCofounder
Adam Cummings is a social entrepreneur who has focused on personal and professional leadership development for the past 25 yrs. Adam has a background in human potential training and somatic psychology. He is particularly interested in the field of neuroscience as it relates to behavioral change and wellness. He has convened conferences and forums focused on issues of emotional/cultural trauma and neglect in society. He currently serves as Chair of the Nathan Cummings Foundation and has overseen $300 million in grant-making while serving as a consultant in the non-profit sector.
Mark Lauden Crosley
Mark Lauden CrosleyHead of Product
Mark is a veteran product guy, designer (a trained architect and a UX pro), and writer.  He founded Vertex, a startup (acquired by Autodesk) that developed design software inspired by his book on architecture and technology.  He was lead planner on PowerPoint at Microsoft, where he was awarded a key patent for presentation technology.  Most recently, he served as Senior Product Manager at Prezi, leading the development of innovative new presentation tools.
Dave Morton
Dave MortonHead of Technology
Dave was a pioneer in the casual gaming world, bringing highly successful games to market using agile development techniques before they were popularized. He was Director of Engineering at Crowdstar, directly responsible for Happy Aquarium 8M DAU, 75$k a day in revenue and an additional 6 games on iOS, Android and Facebook.  Dave was in charge of technology and hiring for Crowdstar as it grew from 8 to 200. He was cofounder of Oleo Apps, producing language learning apps.  Prior to that, Dave has worked primarily in the world of startups except for one stint working as a contractor for the U.S. Department of Defense.
Marian Rydzanych
Marian RydzanychLead Developer
Marian is a talented developer who combines coding expertise with UI design savvy. A Ukrainian native who now calls the Bay Area home, he recently completed his MS in Computer Science.
Tim Morton
Tim MortonQuality and Support Lead
Tim is experienced in design, network administration and technical support, and is responsible for testing and support at Rewired Health.
Nora Bulloch
Nora BullochNutrition Guru
Nora Bulloch is a registered dietitian and nutrition coach.  She has been developing curriculum and delivering highly successful nutrition programs for over 15 years.  She has helped scores of individuals find long term solutions to serious and chronic weight management challenges through her support group sessions based on the University of Vermont’s Behavioral Weight Control Program. Nora has worked with businesses to develop and lead Executive Weight Loss Programs, created and delivered nutrition curricula for  elementary schools, taught cooking classes and teaches Mexican immigrants learn how to adapt their eating habits to the U.S.  environment.  Nora has her MA in Public Health Nutrition from UC Berkeley, an MA in Nutrition Education from Norwich University and a BS in Nutrition from CSU Los Angeles. In addition, she is a Master Trainer, Stanford University’s Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, Lead Instructor for University of Vermont’s 16 week Behavioral Weight Control Program and a Certified Instructor, UCSF’s Shapedown Program-an obesity treatment program for children and families.
Rebecca L. Gladding, M.D.
Rebecca L. Gladding, M.D.
Rebecca L. Gladding, M.D. is an expert in mindfulness, anxiety and deceptive brain messages. She is the co-author of the best selling book You Are Not Your Brain: The 4-Step Solution for Changing Bad Habits, Ending Unhealthy Thinking, and Taking Control of Your Life.

Dr. Gladding is a UCLA-trained psychiatrist,recognized as one of America’s leading experts on neuroplasticity. Her research with Dr. Jeffrey Schwarz has examined the physical dimensions of cognitive-behavioral therapy – how therapies can alter brain mechanisms.

Her work focuses on teaching people how to recognize anxiety and use it to identify erroneous negative thoughts (i.e., deceptive brain messages) so that they can uncover and express their true emotions and live a life free from these unwanted, unhelpful intruders. She has been studying how emotional states affect physical health and well-being – and vice versa.

Dr. Gladding loves to teach and has been honored with several teaching awards. Dr. Gladding has been featured on television in A&E’s critically acclaimed series Obsessed, and in print for Cosmopolitan, Forbes, New York Post and The Huffington Post. She received her M.D. from the University of California, San Francisco and recently completed a year as an Attending Psychiatrist, Clinical Instructor and Medical Director of the UCLA Adult Inpatient Eating Disorders Program.