Q: What are the benefits of being a Pro?

A: Increased engagement with clients for better results.
A: Schedule brief check-ins with users, via texting. Clients get questions answered and challenges met.
A: Private and public support groups can be easily established and maintained,
A: Announcements, notifications, and reminders are enacted quickly and smoothly.
A: All communications-notices, texts, reminders, group support, and frequent encouragement – are all in one place, with great stress reduction.
A: Ongoing positive reinforcement. A cognitive behavior game, a 28 day challenge and other uplifting actions can run between professionals and their clients.
A: Send messages to a group of your clients and help them easily connect to each other for support.
A: Set online office hours when people can reach you for support.

Q: How do I invite my clients?

Before you invite clients, you must set up one or more groups. Then, on the “My Groups” screen, tap ”View/Add Members” for a group. You can then invite users via the buttons, using their screen name, email address, your contact list, or Facebook.

Q: How do I contact my group members?

Once you set up a group and add members, you can contact the members either all-at-once or individually.

  • To send a message to an individual
  • Go to Groups
  • Pick the “View/Add Members” button for that group – this will take you to the Group Members screen.
  • Tap on any name to send them a message.
  • To send a message to the group,
  • Tap “Group Message” from the Group Member screen. Or when you’re on the My Groups screen, tap “Send Message.”