InTouch Fit Can Help You…

Helping people lead healthier lives, to eat right and exercise. It’s so simple, and yet you, as a professional in the health and wellness world, know how hard it can be to help your clients make lasting, healthful changes.

You may already advocate the use of positive thinking to improve client health and wellness. If so, you are among the leading voices in the fields of healthcare, neuroscience and motivational empowerment. There has never been a product to effectively incorporate this crucial strategy into your clients’ daily routine, until now…

InTouch Fit puts the science of change at your fingertips!

  • improve client fitness and weight loss results
  • reinforce messages via automation
  • build an inspired community you manage
  • get the tools necessary to customize every client’s experience
  • engage in brief chats to reinforce accountability
  • build and maintain a community that’s private and supportive
  • set up automatic reminders about appointments and classes

Some cool features to help you build your practice and improve your clients’ results.

Grow your practice, get better results for clients, and use the power of InTouch Fit to grow your practice. Features include:

Set online office hours
Make yourself available for private, brief, texting, check-ins You and your clients will receive a notification of your set online office hours. They can be as often as you choose, everyday or weekly. You can override the set hours easily if you schedule changes.

Set and send automatic reminders to your clients
Reminders received on a mobile device have been shown to dramatically improve attendance and adherence to a plan. Send these reminders and messages to your groups or to a specific client right to their mobile device.

Customized Messages Sent Easily
Write your own message or choose from our library of inspirational and informative messages. These messages focus on the latest research into behavior and brain science making them impactful and empowering.

Form client groups to support one another.
Your clients can text each other in the app, post to a group bulletin board or engage in the cognitive behavior therapy mode, Track Chat, to help each other master positive thinking.

The Science

InTouch Fit is based on research in the field of neuroplasticity. Studies have shown that repeated positive messaging does help us change the way we act and new research into the brain and the nervous system are shedding light on the physiological changes that take place with such messaging. Learn more about that research on our blog page and meet our experts on our Advisory Board on the About Us tab.

Research Proves Texting Improves Health Outcomes

A new report by the US Department of Health and Human Services reviews several studies on the value of texting and positive health outcomes. 

Intouch Fit is an answer to this valuable study. As the health market heats up, more people are looking for faster and more efficient ways to get results.

As a mobile messaging system sending automatic reminders, custom messages, and having two way texting chats, we are way out ahead of the market.  PLUS, the advantage of our mobile messaging is that it can be done from a computer making the management of those messages easy and convenient for the Pro.

Intouch Fit also addresses negative self talk through the power of positive thinking. Yes, an app that actually helps to turn negative self talk into positive through a feature called Track Chat. Based on neuroscience, this valuable 28 day brain training is influential.

The timing for a powerful new app like Intouch Fit could not be better.